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P-20 Longitudinal Data Systems and Case Studies

In partnership with the Cabrillo Community College Advancement Program (CAP) that produced “It’s All About Choices”, BMWA is conducting a 10-year follow-up of CAP alumni to map their long-term educational and career pathways. The CAP Alumni Project is producing a P-20 Longitudinal Data Template for programs and partnerships.

Besides the quantitative data template, this project is also creating a Longitudinal Case Study Template that maps unique resources and challenges along each student’s pathway to college. This template is used in the Family Diary Project, in which CAP alumni and their parents narrate their experiences about the emotional and technical elements of their pathways. The project has revealed more than one successful pathway. The case study template includes guiding questions that support youth and families learning together about multiple pathways to college. BMWA will make these quantitative and qualitative tools available on this website.