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The Cultural Bridges to College Project maps families’ home languages and provides resources about pathways to college in these languages. Research documents the importance of students retaining their home languages for their academic success and family communication. Educators, families, and children all benefit when families who speak languages other than English have materials about college in their native languages.

The BMWA team compiled students’ home languages in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. Across these six states, more than 150 languages were reported on the U.S. Department of Education’s Home Language Survey (Read here).

BMWA also collected pathways to college materials in English and in 19 of these home languages across the six states and at the national level. Information is available about the U.S. educational system, college course requirements, college testing requirements, and financial aid. You can download these materials by state to the left. They are listed by language within the six states and for national level resources.

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