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Culturally Diverse Families as Full Partners

The Family Models and Metrics Project compares models of family –school-community partnerships in engaging culturally diverse families with a set of clear charts to help families, schools, and communities match their own specific goals to the strengths and limits of each model.

BMWA also works with partners to develop P-20 logic models that help map the impact of partnerships that include culturally diverse families on students’ learning and pathways to college. In one school district, BMWA works with family involvement directors to align their programs into a single P-20 logic model. The directors found that they were working with many of the same families and could coordinate activities from elementary through high school and link data on these families as they moved through school. BMWA and the UCSC Educational Partnership Center are also working with a statewide group to build a common P-20 family logic model. BMWA will make this logic model tool available on this website.